About Us

Our names are Eyal and Peggy Asseraf

We both arrived from France a little over 20 years ago, each one on their own. Our paths crossed when we both lived in Tel Aviv, which we left together in 2003 with our oldest daughter, and expecting our second.

We wanted to leave the city, to connect to the deeper Israeli side, to experience the wilderness of the desert, and to raise barefoot children, while making an impression on this place as an expression of our Zionism.

The Café was born at a time when we were searching for the real thing, and from our desire to plant roots in the soil upon which we live.

We had experience in working with food in the region, with a small food truck that led us to understand what we were looking for. Two years later, we turned the food truck into a charming guest cottage. That's when we realized the need for a small place, shaded and open, that allows coming and going and coming again; where we can stop, look around, and say that the world is beautiful.

It was during the holiday of Sukkot that we built a sukkah, which has since grown and turned into a desert café, with the same atmosphere of desert hospitality.

Today the café allows us to integrate our loves – food and music, building styles and the nature that surrounds us, and of course – connecting with people.